I’ll try very hard to keep these sources up-to-date, and will add new sources as I discover them. Sources shown below are separately owned sites and set their own policies; retail sources are generally available and open to all customers. Shipping policies will vary and are determined by the individual sources. Wholesale sources will usually require you to open an account with tax documentation and may require minimum purchases.

Seed beads

Aura Crystals  (retail)
Barrel of Beads (retail)
Potomac Beads (retail)
Bello Modo (retail)
Bobby Bead (retail, separate wholesale)
Caravan Beads (wholesale)
Beadsmith (wholesale)
Czechbeads.com (wholesale)
Shipwreck Beads (retail)
Scarabeads (retail)
Simply Beads USA (retail)
Bead Stampede (retail)

Beadaholique (retail)
Artbeads (retail)
Fire Mountain Gems (retail, bulk)
Jewelry Supply (retail)
Eastern Findings (wholesale, bulk)
Metalliferous (retail, bulk)

Halcyon Yarn (Wholesale & retail)
Webs (wholesale & retail)
Tatting Corner (retail)
Colonial Needle (retail & wholesale)
Handy Hands on Amazon (retail)


Colonial Needle (retail & wholesale)
Manhattan Wardrobe Supply (retail)
Joann Fabrics (retail)
John James Needles (retail and bulk)


Leather Unlimited (retail, bulk)
Caravan Beads (retail)
Leather Hide Store (retail, bulk)
Leather Cord USA (retail, bulk)

If you are comfortable going to NYC, be sure to check out Global Leathers and Leather Suede Skins. Both sell leather by the skin only.



This company will take your digital image and print it in sublimation ink so it can be ironed onto your beading surface, and they will apply it to the surface for you if you want that as well. Please see their web site directly for guidelines and requirements.

While the color cards shown below may represent the manufacturer’s full color range, the colors are not all available in all sizes at any one time. The manufacturing cycle on beads is often months and even years, so use these cards as a guide to choosing alternate colors when the one you want isn’t available. Your monitor’s color display will affect the colors; actual samples are more accurate.