If you’re just learning bead embroidery, please try my free online bead embroidery class “Bead Embroidery Essentials“. This three-part YouTube video series will walk you through the creation of the Class Act brooch at right; you’ll learn bezeling, all types of bead stitching, finishing and more. The affordable kit comes with print instructions that coordinate directly with the video segments, giving you a complete and easy-to-follow tutorial that will get you started on the path to mastery.

Bead embroidery just makes me happy.

I’ll bead on anything a needle can pass through: leather, nonwoven surfaces, Ultrasuede, fabric, clothing, there’s no limit. I love to stitch over a printed pattern or design, and almost all of my bead embroidery kits feature a printed template, on which you will stitch directly.

To see our full line of kits and patterns for bead embroidery, visit our Etsy site. 

Affordable “Class Act” kit for  free “Bead Embroidery Essentials” class