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Beading Kits by Technique
Our beading kits include all the beading and finishing materials required to complete the project as described. All kits include full print directions for stitching, sizing, and finishing.

Bead Embroidery/Surface Beading Kits 

Bead Crochet (Tubular, Euro, Tapestry, Chain stitch) Kits

Bead Looming/Tapestry (Beads, Fibers and/or both) Kits

Bead Weaving (Peyote/Brick, Cellini, Bezeling) Kits

Beaded Needlepoint/Beadpoint Kits

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Kits are also available on our Etsy page in their own categories, do explore those hidden treasures!

Beading Design PDFs by Technique
Downloadable patterns to save to your device and use when you’re ready!  Some are available as kits, but many are stand-alone, original designs for which kits are forever gone.  Directions are clear, materials lists are detailed, finishing and sizing are always included. Lots of graphics and photos, with designer tips for success and links to supporting free tutorials

Bead Embroidery/Surface Beading Design PDFs

Bead Crochet (Tubular, Euro, Tapestry, Chain stitch) Design PDFs

Bead Weaving (Peyote, Brick, Cellini, Bezeling) Design PDFs

Beaded Needlepoint Design PDFs