After fifty years as a renowned craft designer, Ann Benson shares the professional methods and practices that will bring your bead embroidery to a whole new level. Using her unique design and technological skills, Ann brings you over one hundred designs, motifs, and templates that you can develop according to your own color taste and end use. Combine, crop, repeat, recolor and resize, it’s all up to you! Explore the many materials and surfaces on which you can do bead embroidery. Learn how to apply your design onto your chosen surface using different techniques, from simple sketching to high-end technology. Professional finishing techniques and edgings will make your pieces shine. Discover ways to incorporate non-traditional materials into your designs, including fibers, paper craft elements and hidden treasures from your local hardware store. There’s no limit to what you can use and no limit to what you can achieve. Ann will be your guide.

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Bead embroidery coloring book cover
Charted oriental rug designs


An anthology of more than two dozen beautifully detailed stitching and looming patterns based on iconic oriental rug patterns and designs. Each pattern includes an image of the full chart, along with enlarged easy-to-read quadrants. Color bars include a stitch count for each color, and recommendations with manufacturer’s color numbers for cylinder beads (Delicas), seed beads, wool fiber and six-ply floss. Use the full chart for purses, pillows or bags, or section off smaller areas to make jewelry, phone cases, and more.


No-Finish Jewelry Loom
With no warp end finishing, this loom will free you to create pieces with both beads and fibers.  It’s 3D printed in lightweight plastic so it’s easy to transport and rotate; you can always weave with your dominant hand. On removal from the loom, there are only two warp threads on one end to weave back into the project. Edges and ends are clean and attractive.

Join me on a fantastic beading/weaving/stitching journey! I hope to make the fine art of beading easier, more satisfying and just more FUN for anyone willing to learn. Visit my TUTORIALS page for a complete list of links to video and printable instruction. Take a moment to look at the BEAD CROCHET and BEAD EMBROIDERY pages to see what’s happening in these two fields. And as LOOMING becomes a larger part of my crafting life, I hope to make it a larger part of yours. Don’t be afraid to contact me with questions, concerns and comments. I look forward to hearing from you.

No-finish loom
Bead embroidery coloring book cover
Loom Beading Patterns
Encyclopedia of Tubular Bead Crochet Book